Bio and Biodynamics

The underlying idea of organic agriculture is the respect for the soil, plants, man, life in all of its diversity as well as physical, physicochemical and above all ecologic integrity. Less manipulated, a soil will give origin to a more authentic wine, utmost expression of the terroir of the place and of the vine where it was created.

In late 2006, the biodynamics work was set in motion. Its purpose was to explore and take even further the search for harmony between the soil, plants, animals and man. Following the teachings set off by Rudolf Steiner, the father of anthroposophy, we began using the biodynamic preparations (made with natural products such as cow manure or quartz a.k.a silica). These were used in homeopathic doses to stimulate processes in the soil and plants, hence promoting a close relationship between the vegetable kingdom and animal world, in which the presence of the animals themselves is often included.


The connection between the time required for each farming work and the biodynamic calendar was also taken into account. We try as much as possible to do the many different tasks such as planting, pruning, grafting, picking and bottling in harmony with the cosmic rhythms.

In the cellar we try to follow through on the work carried out on the vine. Therefore, we favour less aggressive oenological practices, respecting the original raw materials (grapes). The use of natural and spontaneous fermentations, controlled temperature and low sulphur levels are but a few examples of this philosophy. The main goal is to create the wines in a natural form, respecting their nature and development phases.